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TotalDiscovery is focused on delivering high-quality and easy-to-use, legally defensible software that bridges Legal and IT processes. With roots in computer forensics, information security and litigation, TotalDiscovery leads the industry in delivering smart, legally defensible and cost-effective data management and legal compliance solutions.

Our Story

Legal compliance processes and technologies have been grossly out-of-sync with the ever expanding data explosion.

For over a decade, the technology and methods used by the TotalDiscovery web-based (SaaS) application, have been relied upon by many Fortune500® and Global2000® companies and their law firms as protection against high legal risks and runaway costs related to managing legal data preservation and discovery. The technology and methods used by TotalDiscovery have been challenged many times in State and Federal Courts and in International Arbitration and Legal Proceedings. TotalDiscovery has been successful in every of those challenges - it is rock-solid and mature technology used to protect organizations and government entities alike against legal sanctions, fines, unnecessarily high costs and manual processes.

TotalDiscovery’s main focus over the last several years has been to help corporations create an organization-wide system-of-truth used for corporate IT and Legal organizations to ensure compliance with data preservation and discovery obligations across the enterprise. The platform has become an industry standard and is trusted by many legal professionals, Corporate General Counsels and Chief Information Officers across the globe.

  • 2015 SaaS, Integrated Solution, Utility Computing Real-time process, hours to get to the data
  • 2010 Hybrid Solutions, Multiple Tools Staff to manage, weeks to get to the data
  • 2005 Vendors & Outside Counsel Expenses skyrocket and timeframes are shortened
  • 2000 Heavy Iron & IT Infrastructure 1 month to get the data to attorneys
  • 1995 Paper & Scanners 2 months to get the data to attorneys

Our Vision

TotalDiscovery aims to DISRUPT the old way of doing things and to empower the corporate legal department and outside counsel to drive the mechanics of the data management process and alleviate IT from carrying that responsibility.


TotalDiscovery is led by an experienced team of technologists, subject matter experts and business people who aim to disrupt the faulty processes and bad economics in an incredibly fast growing market.

Our team is a great group of fun, smart, passionate, highly skilled experts in software design and development, data security, digital forensics, legal compliance and general creative thinking. We are based in Seattle, have worked together for 5+ years and each have at least 10+ years experience in their respective fields. The TotalDiscovery team is dedicated to delivering high quality software true to our overall brand promise of defensibility, automation and cost-control.

If you are smart, creative, and self-motivated, then give us a call or send us a note. We are always looking for great people to add to our growing and successful team!

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