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TotalDiscovery is focused on delivering high-quality and easy-to-use, legally defensible software that bridges Legal and IT processes. With roots in computer forensics, information security and litigation, TotalDiscovery leads the industry in delivering smart, legally defensible and cost-effective data management and legal compliance solutions.

Our Story

The Single “System of Truth” for Ensuring Enterprise-Wide Legal Hold and Preservation Compliance

For over a decade, TotalDiscovery, a Catalyst company, has been providing cloud legal hold and preservation software to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies and their law firms as protection against high legal risks and runaway costs related to managing legal data preservation and discovery. The platform has become an industry standard for general counsel, legal operations professionals and CIOs across the globe—and its quickly become an organization-wide “system of truth” for corporations to ensure compliance with legal hold and data preservation obligations.

Our technology has been challenged many times in state and federal courts and in international arbitration and legal proceedings, and we’ve succeeded in every of those challenges - its rock solid and mature technology protects organizations and government entities alike against sanctions, fines, unnecessarily high costs and manual processes.

In 2018, TotalDiscovery joined the Catalyst team, following years of partnership and close collaboration between the two companies. The acquisition enables legal departments to manage the entire preservation and discovery process using an integrated platform that provides greater control at substantially lower costs.

  • 2017 Now A Catalyst Company Catalyst announces acquisition of TotalDiscovery, combining forces for a full-EDRM platform
  • 2015 SaaS, Integrated Solution, Utility Computing Real-time process, hours to get to the data
  • 2010 Hybrid Solutions, Multiple Tools Staff to manage, weeks to get to the data
  • 2005 Vendors & Outside Counsel Expenses skyrocket and timeframes are shortened
  • 2000 Heavy Iron & IT Infrastructure 1 month to get the data to attorneys
  • 1995 Paper & Scanners 2 months to get the data to attorneys

Leadership Team

TotalDiscovery is led by an experienced team of technologists and subject matter experts dedicated to delivering high quality software that supports our promise of cost-control, defensibility and automation.

John R. Barr, Chief Executive Officer

John is the chief executive of Catalyst and is responsible for the vision, strategic direction and growth of the company. John was named CEO in September 2017. His goals are to offer great products and services that meet current and emerging needs of corporations and law firms, provide unparalleled client support, promote a corporate culture that fosters employee growth and innovation, and accelerate Catalyst’s momentum in the market.

A veteran executive, John is an accomplished leader who brings deep experience in growing and scaling companies. Prior to joining Catalyst in 2017 as president, John was chief operating officer at Yieldex, an award-winning big data analytics company in the media industry. At Yieldex, John scaled the company from zero to $20 million in revenue and drove the company to profitability, leading to the company’s successful acquisition in 2015 by media giant AppNexus. He remained with AppNexus through 2016 to oversee the Yieldex integration.

A technologist by training, previously John was chief technology officer for multiple technology start-ups, and senior vice president for technology and operations at a division of McKesson (as a result of the acquisition of Access Health).

John holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. When John is not wearing his CEO hat, he can be found cycling, running and kite boarding in Colorado, where he lives.

Zachary Drummond

Zachary has 20+ years of professional software development experience. As co-founder and also Senior Vice President of software development, Zachary is responsible for the technical vision of the company and the overall direction of how TotalDiscovery is developed. Zachary developed the initial versions of DiscoveryBOT™, the industry standard remote collection tool, and well accepted data gathering engine for legal and regulatory matters. Previously, Zachary worked in the world of game development, co-founding Taldren, a game development company and serving as a key member of the team that created one of the longest running serials of Star Trek games.

Paul Morton

Paul is a technology and business veteran with 20+ years of experience building, maintaining and supporting customer-focused systems. He joined TotalDiscovery in 2008, where he directs the end-to-end user experience, including product design, client support, system engineering and customer success. Before joining TotalDiscovery, Paul was lead engineer for CoBiz Financial in Denver, Colorado. During Paul’s tenure at CoBiz, he built internal customer tools, increased system reliability, and build out complex financial compliance systems. Paul has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Colorado and is actively involved in the West Seattle community. 

Scott Nichols

Scott is an authority on the use of technology and legally defensible software to bridge legal and IT processes. He leads the integration of TotalDiscovery with Catalyst Insight Discovery and other e-discovery platforms. Before joining TotalDiscovery in 2016, Scott was president of Legal Data Strategies, a consulting firm that specializes in helping law firms and corporations manage workflows, policies, and procedures surrounding their e-discovery and data management practice. He has 20+ years’ experience as a consultant to both law firms and corporations in the legal technology space.

Rachel Teisch

Rachel brings 18 years’ experience in e-discovery technology and services. As vice president of marketing, Rachel is responsible for marketing strategy, planning and execution.

From 2011 to 2017, Rachel was vice president, marketing with Conduent (formerly Xerox), where she led marketing efforts for the company’s e-discovery division and helped build the big data analytics and compliance offerings. Previously, she held senior marketing and strategy positions with H5. Earlier in her career, she co-founded Navigant Consulting's business development division, helping lead its growth to a $50 million top-line revenue practice. She first got her feet wet in e-discovery at CaseCentral (acquired by Guidance Software, now OpenText).

Rachel regularly holds a B.A. from Brown University and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University.

Our Vision

TotalDiscovery aims to DISRUPT the old way of doing things and to empower the corporate legal department and outside counsel to drive the mechanics of the data management process and alleviate IT from carrying that responsibility.

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