Stop Wasting Time & Money with Manual Tasks

IT & Legal professionals can now spend less time managing menial tasks.

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Process Automation Saves the Day

Consistency, accuracy and efficiency result from expert automation.

Saving Time, Lowering Costs

Legal professionals, both inside corporations and at law firms, spend hundreds of hours annually driving legal compliance tasks such as managing legal hold notifications and acknowledgement tracking and document and data source preservation activities.

There are many tasks required to be tracked and related activities to monitor in order to stay compliant with legal preservation and discovery rules. Managing reminders to employees, tracking acknowledgements, ensuring email is not inadvertently deleted or local devices such as tablets, laptops and desktop computers are not recycled as part of the normal IT process.

TotalDiscovery automates those tasks and activities saving major amounts of time. Previous time spent doing trivial and menial tasks in order to move the process along are now done by software and so legal professionals may spend their time focused on more important things. When relying on automation, only high-level management is necessary to drive an effective, legally defensible strategy for ensuring legal obligations are met, and without breaking the bank doing so.

Enterprise Systems Connectivity

Today's global enterprises are spread across many different types of IT infrastructures and domains. Companies grow fast through acquisition and systems are hastily integrated. This creates havoc for legal compliance processes like eDiscovery and related data preservation and Legal IT management needs.

Employees and data custodians are spread out, as is the data. Employees use email and store documents on servers, cloud-systems, local devices and handhelds. Because of this mobile workforce and other IT environmental reasons, companies must rely on easy-to-integrate systems and an agile, lightweight an legally defensible data collection tools such as TotalDiscovery to ensure legal compliance.

With TotalDiscovery, there are no agents to install or manage and no technical expertise required to drive the legal hold, preservation and discovery processes. TotalDiscovery offers expert workflows that are meant to help move the process along in an efficient and defensible way that meets business needs.

TotalDiscovery connects to many different systems in order to create process efficiency and to drive forensically sound document and data collections.

Automate IT Tasks

When preserving documents and data for legal reasons, there are several critical steps required to ensure full compliance with the law and court rules. Besides ensuring that relevant people are notified about their obligations to preserve information, certain automatic data related practices must be tracked and enforced.

Data related practices such as preventing inadvertent document and data destruction by automatic IT processes such as suspension of email and other data retention rules and coordinating with HR systems for employee status and subsequent legal hold management of retired assets.

TotalDiscovery can accommodate submitting specialized and custom reports regarding all aspects of the legal hold, data preservation and discovery process as may be required for a broader enterprise content management strategy.

TotalDiscovery allows for:

  • eDiscovery task management fulfillment
  • Integration with RIM/IG process and procedures
  • IT Notification and Task Management
  • Custom Reporting and Notifications

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Open and Flexible API

Our application programming interface has been designed to be open, easy to understand and able to communicate in many ways with other corporate network systems.

  • LDAP and HR system connections
  • Monitor and alert about employee status
  • Connect to corporate IT ticket systems
  • Customize reports
  • Tie-in with many different systems via web-services
  • Trigger other corporate or IT work-flows and tasking
  • Automate processes via Power-Shell and scripting

Process Automation

TotalDiscovery automates critical, time consuming tasks, such as...

  • Compliance Reminders

    A critical aspect to strong compliance is reminding employees of their legal obligations related to legal holds and document preservation.

  • Data Preservation Actions

    Automate preserving documents and data sources including full digital chain-of-custody and strong encryption for preserved information from MS Exchange, Office365® and standard enterprise laptops, workstations and file servers.

  • Employee Acknowledgement Tracking

    Ensure employees acknowledge having received legal hold and preservation notices and automate tracking that entire workflow.

  • Suspension of Email & Data Retention Policies

    Using back-end connectivity, automate the configuration of email to stop all limitation and retention policies and to prevent inadvertent data spoliation and thus potential sanctions and fines.

  • Tracking Employee Change of Status

    As peoples' employment status changes, the system will ensure relevant data is not destroyed and digital assets are not recycled when legal compliance and data preservation requirements must be met.

Additional Features

Hundreds of features that protect the organization and drive successful legal compliance.

  • Manage Unlimited Projects & Matters
  • Cross-Matter Encrypted Preservation Repository
  • Detailed Reporting and Audit Logs
  • Legal Evidence Standard Indexing and Data Processing
  • User Administration and Data Management
  • Preserve Email, Laptop & Workstation Files, Network Home Folders, Shared Servers
  • Many Data Sources Supported including Web Sources (webmail and cloud storage)
  • Native Document Viewing & Tagging
  • Full Text Extraction, Indexing & OCR
  • Unlimited Boolean & Advanced Search
  • Search First, Collect After
  • Cross-Matter Tagging and File IDs
  • Digital Chain-of-Custody
  • Access to Online Knowledge Base, Training Materials & Expert Advice
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Duplication Identification & Marking (De-duping)
  • Document and File Type Header Validation
  • File Identification & NIST Lookups
  • Password & Encryption Identification
  • Communicate to Employees via Web Forms
  • Expert Workflows
  • Suggested Employee Interactions Forms
  • Automated IT Task Suspension
  • Automated Employee Change-of-Status Workflows
  • Suggested Document Preservation Protocols
  • Integration with Enterprise Systems (HR, DMS, Databases)
  • Integration w Identity Management Systems (LDAP)
  • Integration with Other Business Systems for Workflow (Legal Billing Systems, IT Ticket Systems)
  • Employee Interaction Wizards for Data Identification
  • Pre-programmed and Employee Involved Targeted Document Preservation
  • Notification & Acknowledgement Workflows
  • Highly Flexible Notice Customization
  • Data Profiling, Budget & Legal Strategy Tool
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Powerful API for Custom Enterprise Implementations
  • Real-time Preservation Metrics & Reporting
  • Automated Data Collections
  • Remote Data Preservation
  • Stealth (authorized behind-the-scenes) Data Preservation
  • International Secure Data Collections
  • Secure Employee Portal
  • Highly Secure System (TLS, AES256)
  • Strong Access Controls
  • Unlimited Users including Outside Counsel Access
  • Unlimited Legal Hold & Compliance Notices
  • No Custodian Metering
  • Easy-to-Access Summary Audit Reports
  • Automated Process Tracking & Reminders
  • Delegate Access and Workflows
  • Advanced Acknowledgement Options
  • Full eDiscovery Processing of over 300 File Types
  • Detailed Exception Reporting
  • Always Available
  • Interface with many popular legal review systems
  • Backed by Unconditional Support & Training
  • Legal Defensibility Guarantee
  • Simple, intuitive User Interface
  • Compatible with all Major Web Browsers

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Manage matters and data preservation activities at a high-level.

Smart Workflows

Important and timely information as you need it.

Employee Status

Track employee status and ensure appropriate asset and information preservation.

Legal Hold Workflows

Manage employee notification, acknowledgements and reminders with dashboards and alerts.

Compliance Reporting

Ensure that all compliance steps and details are maintained, reported and can be easily audited.

Employee Interaction

Initiate and manage employee questionnaires and interviews to assist in data and issue identification.

No Manual Entry

Add relevant employees (Custodians) to Matters using a real-time sync to the corporate user management system.

Identify People & Data Sources

Find people by searching across names, locations and departments and identify their associated data sources.

Connect to Enterprise Systems

Preserve relevant documents and data sources on-the-fly and with no agents to manage or update.