Over a Decade of Experience

Years of on-the-ground successes, experience & practical approaches built-in to the application.

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Be Guided by Expert Processes

Rely on years of experience and best-practices to drive error-free, efficient legal preservation and discovery.

Ease of Use

TotalDiscovery uses a straight-forward and intuitive user interface and wizard style screens to help users and administrators configure workflows and options.

The application is highly flexible and can be configured to meet the organization's business requirements and specific needs. Important functions are presented in an intuitive way without the need for long training or needing to reference large volumes of documents. The user interface is designed so that the system will walk you through and notify you of what to do next.

TotalDiscovery includes expert workflows and suggested best-practice protocols for driving legal holds, document preservation and legal discovery.

Leveraging years of experience in legal compliance, information security, data privacy, digital forensics investigations and software development, TotalDiscovery contains expert suggestions in the form of protocols, configurations and workflow options to accommodate many different legal and investigative situations such as:

  • Labor & Employment or HR Related Matters
  • Regulatory Demands
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Vendor Disputes
  • Internal Investigations
  • Policy Enforcement

Power Legal Strategy

Smarter eDiscovery

Courts and Regulators are expecting companies to involve key employees in the legal compliance, data preservation and discovery process. Employees typically know where data is located better than anyone else in the company. So interviewing employees and gathering documents from them are important and expected parts of legal compliance. With TotalDiscovery, that is no longer an expensive and complicated process.

Using the online custodian questionnaire interview tool, interacting with employees is easy, requires minimum effort from the employee and allows for a rich capture of important intelligence and facts about potentially discoverable material for a legal matter. Results are reported in real-time. Questionnaires can have an unlimited number of questions and support several key question types.

Employee & Data Custodian Web-based Questionnaires:

  • Create and manage web-based employee and custodian interviews
  • Suggested expert questions
  • Multiple and custom question types
  • Save and review drafts of questionnaires
  • Generate on-the-fly and detailed reports of employee responses
  • Easily and quickly re-order questions
  • Re-use questionnaire templates
  • Gain deeper insight earlier in a matter's lifecycle
  • Focused legal document discovery responses
  • More efficient access control tracking
  • Use response analysis as part of a greater legal, security or records strategy

Legal Budgeting

Lower Overall Legal Spend

In today's litigation environment, data volumes are enormous. Even small matters include thousands of documents and many gigabytes of data. Industry reports show five times spent on the legal parts of a matter versus the data side. Assuming approximately 10,000 documents per gigabyte, those costs add up very quickly.

TotalDiscovery has several workflows and built-in features to help Legal groups and their law firms to understand the data volumes and types early-on in order to better budget for subsequent, more expensive parts of the process.

Easily and quickly gain insight with the TotalDiscovery Data Profiler tool:

  • Report Data Volumes, Counts & Types
  • Runs Remotely with No Installation Required
  • Scan Users in the Background Without Interruption
  • Live Updates & Reporting
  • Calculate Attorney Review Budgets
  • Use for Custodian Reduction Strategy

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Interacting with Employees

For legal compliance reasons such as managing legal hold notification and acknowledgements, web-based interviews and data preservation requests can be challenging to initiate, manage and track to completion. TotalDiscovery eases that burden by offering employee-facing interactions that minimize any productivity impact on the custodian, and which are automatically tracked and alerted for the Legal administrator.

  • Employee communications are customized, sanctioned and validated to ensure security and employee confidence
  • Easy to understand wizard type workflows assist employees through the legal compliance process
  • Works in the background on local machines such as laptops or workstations
  • Employee interactions designed and tuned for rich experiences using tablets and mobile devices
  • Employee-centric interaction software design process for relevant employee (Custodian) facing features
  • More invested employees in, and not annoyed by, the overall legal compliance process when they must be involved
  • Flexible document/data preservation protocols can be configured based on employee categories involved in a matter

Expert Workflow Features

Doing things wrong leads to sanctions, fines, unnecessary legal costs and brand risks. Do it right with TotalDiscovery.

  • Smart User Interface

    Small details done wrongly in the legal compliance and data preservation process can lead to big problems. The TotalDiscovery user interface ensures that only the necessary features are available - for example, if a button is not needed, it does not appear.

  • Custodian Questionnaire Templates

    From years of on-the-ground employee interview and data gathering, a series of questions that ought to be asked in most preservation situations are offered and may be modified as needed.

  • Document Preservation Back-end Workflows

    Certain tasks must always occur to ensure data is not inadvertently destroyed or altered. TotalDiscovery offers several critical "wiring" workflows.

  • Data Collection Protocols

    Data such as emails and documents from laptops and servers must be preserved and searched. TotalDiscovery allows for granularity and many other options to ensure accuracy and success.

  • Data Privacy Options

    Identify PII/PHI/PCI data and ensure compliance with its use during the legal preservation process.

Additional Features

Hundreds of features that protect the organization and drive successful legal compliance.

  • Manage Unlimited Projects & Matters
  • Cross-Matter Encrypted Preservation Repository
  • Detailed Reporting and Audit Logs
  • Legal Evidence Standard Indexing and Data Processing
  • User Administration and Data Management
  • Preserve Email, Laptop & Workstation Files, Network Home Folders, Shared Servers
  • Many Data Sources Supported including Web Sources (webmail and cloud storage)
  • Native Document Viewing & Tagging
  • Full Text Extraction, Indexing & OCR
  • Unlimited Boolean & Advanced Search
  • Search First, Collect After
  • Cross-Matter Tagging and File IDs
  • Digital Chain-of-Custody
  • Access to Online Knowledge Base, Training Materials & Expert Advice
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Duplication Identification & Marking (De-duping)
  • Document and File Type Header Validation
  • File Identification & NIST Lookups
  • Password & Encryption Identification
  • Communicate to Employees via Web Forms
  • Expert Workflows
  • Suggested Employee Interactions Forms
  • Automated IT Task Suspension
  • Automated Employee Change-of-Status Workflows
  • Suggested Document Preservation Protocols
  • Integration with Enterprise Systems (HR, DMS, Databases)
  • Integration w Identity Management Systems (LDAP)
  • Integration with Other Business Systems for Workflow (Legal Billing Systems, IT Ticket Systems)
  • Employee Interaction Wizards for Data Identification
  • Pre-programmed and Employee Involved Targeted Document Preservation
  • Notification & Acknowledgement Workflows
  • Highly Flexible Notice Customization
  • Data Profiling, Budget & Legal Strategy Tool
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Powerful API for Custom Enterprise Implementations
  • Real-time Preservation Metrics & Reporting
  • Automated Data Collections
  • Remote Data Preservation
  • Stealth (authorized behind-the-scenes) Data Preservation
  • International Secure Data Collections
  • Secure Employee Portal
  • Highly Secure System (TLS, AES256)
  • Strong Access Controls
  • Unlimited Users including Outside Counsel Access
  • Unlimited Legal Hold & Compliance Notices
  • No Custodian Metering
  • Easy-to-Access Summary Audit Reports
  • Automated Process Tracking & Reminders
  • Delegate Access and Workflows
  • Advanced Acknowledgement Options
  • Full eDiscovery Processing of over 300 File Types
  • Detailed Exception Reporting
  • Always Available
  • Interface with many popular legal review systems
  • Backed by Unconditional Support & Training
  • Legal Defensibility Guarantee
  • Simple, intuitive User Interface
  • Compatible with all Major Web Browsers

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Respect Employee Burden

Interact with employees without affecting productivity while gaining valuable information.

Ensure Employee Compliance

Guarantee employee compliance with legal hold and document preservation obligations.

Step-by-step Workflows

Make it easy for legal process admins and employees to complete compliance requirements efficiently.

Acknowledgement Tracking

Ensure all employees that must be on legal hold clearly confirm compliance and can manage their duties afterwards.

Online Questionnaires

Gather facts and information from employees and others via a simple questionnaire process.

Legal Strategy Analysis

Use online forms and questionnaires to collect and analyze information to drive successful legal strategies.