Features that Protect Your Company & Slash Costs

Manage your legal hold, data preservation, discovery and compliance obligations with mature expert workflows, automated processes, defensible triggers and tasks, all while lowering legal risks and slashing costs.

Legal Hold Management

Send and track notifications, set automated reminders and maintain a high-level of legal hold quality.

IT System Integration

System-to-system communications and checkpoints for critical legal hold and preservation tasks.

Employee Questionnaires

Interact with employees to gather important information and to identify relevant data sources and documents.

Comprehensive Feature Overview

Document Preservation

Ensure documents are preserved and maintained in a secure manner across many system types.

Detailed Reports & Auditing

Be prepared with easy-to-read reporting and audit tracking for legal defensibility.

Data Intelligence & Search

Use intelligence from the repository to gain early insights and to search and cull documents to a more focused set.

Take Back Time

Let automated expert software do all the heavy-lifting.

Manual tasks take a lot of time to perform, track and complete. They are also error-prone. TotalDiscovery automates the many inter-related business processes required to drive legal hold management, employee status tracking, data retention policy assurance and electronic document and data systems preservation.

Save time and money while ensuring consistency, accuracy and confidence.

TotalDiscovery is the only product on the market that successfully makes both IT & Legal happy!

Stop the Leaks

Take control of preserved data with centralized management & focused collections.

Securing and tracking documents and data sources for legal compliance activities is required in today's business environment.

As part of the usual legal compliance process, unstructured corporate data like email and electronic documents from shared storage, workstations, laptops and tablets are transferred out of the enterprise to third-parties, presenting a real risk of data leakage.

TotalDiscovery controls that risk by acting as the organization's system-of-truth for all legally preserved documents and data sources. It centrally manages the authorization, tracking, export and auditing of the flow of legally preserved information with features that help make smarter legal decisions while storing less data.

Trust the Experts

Defensible workflows ensure strong compliance.

To comply with legal preservation and discovery demands, many Legal and IT departments are using manual processes with spreadsheets, email and non-certified IT tools to piece together an approach for compliance with legal preservation, regulatory demands and eDiscovery.

TotalDiscovery delivers an easy-to-use interface, efficient interactions and expert workflows that drive legally defensible, smart and cost-effective document and enterprise data source preservation and legal discovery.

Maximize Data Value

Create legal consistency & lower costs.

Organizations repeatedly pay for many of the same services used for litigation and regulatory matters. People work in silos and so no insight is gained across legal matters.

TotalDiscovery finally changes that.

By making preserved data and attorney work product from previous matters available for new matters, costs are drastically slashed, legal strategy is bolstered and fewer copies of sensitive company data are in circulation outside of the company's control.

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