TotalDiscovery Relieves IT and Legal Departments

Legal Compliance includes managing the processes and procedures for ensuring legal notification, data preservation and discovery requirements are met.

Below are some of the types of internal risk and legal situations that organizations struggle with every day - often by throwing more people, money and time than is needed in order to barely meet the legal and regulatory obligations required to stay within the law.

Labor & Employment

Manage the stressful volume and rapid pace of HR matters with efficiency and care.

Many companies struggle to keep pace with all the moving parts of labor and employment related cases that seem to come from all areas of the company, and all at once. Using TotalDiscovery, all of those HR related matters are more easily tracked, better managed and rapidly concluded with strong legally defensible results.

TotalDiscovery solves the following problems for companies with Labor & Employment Matters:

  • Take up substantial paralegal and attorney time
  • Typically carry unnecessarily high costs
  • Generally have low monetary at-stake value
  • Shouldn't require a lot of manual processes

Civil Lawsuits

Use smart preservation and efficient processes to reduce eDiscovery risks and costs.

Companies spend egregious amounts of money and time facilitating the preservation, search and document and data discovery for civil litigation and other related legal disputes. TotalDiscovery streamlines those preservation, search and discovery processes with automation and smart workflows to reduce budgets while increasing legal defensibility.

TotalDiscovery solves the following problems for companies with Civil Lawsuits & Business Litigation:

  • Incur high costs with no budget predictability
  • Preserve everything which creates over-obligations
  • Inadvertently omit relevant data sources
  • Maintain data in silos with no cross-matter intelligence

Regulatory Requests

Rapidly respond to critical Federal, State and International regulatory requests.

When government agencies and regulatory bodies initiate inquiries or investigations, companies must act fast and transparently to respond. With TotalDiscovery, organizations are in the best place possible to rapidly and accurately respond and manage regulatory requests and governmental inquires.

TotalDiscovery allows for:

  • Rapid & accurate responses
  • Targeted document collections
  • Easy employee identification
  • SEC, FTC, DOJ document request handling
  • Efficient execution of regulatory CIDs

Internal Investigations

Gain early insight into internal issues to minimize risk.

Many internal corporate incidents and issues occur that may carry legal or other business risks. In order to stay ahead of those issues and prevent them from growing to becoming serious and expensive legal problems, companies must be able gather and analyze facts quickly and with precision.

TotalDiscovery gives corporate IT Security and Legal that power.

  • Rapid access to unstructured data sources
  • Collaborate among different relevant stakeholders

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