Implementing Enterprise Software has Never Been so Easy

TotalDiscovery is designed to be up-and-running quickly using standard scripting and a powerful API.

Easy Scoping Process

  • Fill out an implementation form
  • Choose your setup options
  • Ensure compatibility with other systems

Basic Backend Configurations

  • Set up customer site
  • Connect to enterprise systems (AD/EXCH/O365)
  • Data digration clean-up and upload

Speedy Implementation

  • Low IT resources needed
  • No custom code required
  • No software to install

No more typical enterprise software implementation problems

Historically, the software solutions that Legal and IT groups used to manage preservation and discovery carried expensive implementation costs and required a lot of IT heavy-lifting.

Using TotalDiscovery, a true Enterprise (B2B) SaaS application, implementation is simple and straightforward.

Implementations are so easy that they are typically performed by corporate IT with some basic planning and by leveraging standard PowerShell scripts and ing. An API key is generated within the application which is used along with a set of easy-to-configure scripts (and full support and documentation is available) to setup TotalDiscovery integrations to the relevant systems such as the company's identity management system (e.g., Active Directory) or the organization's HR Management System (e.g., WorkDay or Oracle) among several other systems.

Other integrations and custom configurations available for setup with very little effort include integrating with matter management systems, IT ticket/help-desk systems for additional alerting and process management, other compliance systems and databases, document management and data source systems, archive systems and attorney review platforms.

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