Legal Teams to Rely Less on IT for eDiscovery and Legal Holds

New research from Aberdeen shows that legal hold and collection technologies help legal teams drive down costs and become less reliant on IT for assistance. According to Aberdeen research analyst Michael Canton, “most legal teams must rely on IT for help with their initiatives, which slows these processes.” Only 27% of organizations Aberdeen surveyed have implemented direct data connectors to key applications to help with e-discovery and legal hold initiatives. The following percent of legal teams need IT help to collect data from these applications:

  • 60% for key enterprise application (e.g. CRM systems)
  • 60% for email applications
  • 58% for human resources applications

But this is changing quickly.

The legal hold and collection technologies below help legal teams drive down costs and become less reliant on IT for assistance. This graph is from new findings that will be published in January 2018 on the Aberdeen TechPro Essentials blog.

Aberdeen cites legal hold automation platforms, such as TotalDiscovery, as one of three essential e-discovery technology enablers. Learn more in Aberdeen’s special report, Key Strategies to Improve the Performance of E-Discovery Teams.

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Intelligent Preservation

Preserve and maintain only relevant user-created documents to ensure legal defensibility and lower IT storage costs.

Real-time Metrics

Gain insight early-on in a legal matter's lifecycle to better control legal strategy and costs.

Data Types & Catalogue

Preserve and collect hundreds of document types and catalog and index all associated metadata.

Control Data Flow

Ensure that only the right documents leave the organization under authorized circumstances.

Track Documents for Litigation

Guarantee consistency and prevent unnecessary duplicates for litigation document requests and productions.

Specialized eDiscovery Options

Nuanced configurations and reporting for eDiscovery and Regulatory Matters.

Many Data Sources

Connect to many different data sources and systems to preserve critical data.

Control Data Preservation

Collect forensic copies of documents, preserve data sources in-place and manage metadata at a legal standard.