Top 10 Reasons to Use TotalDiscovery

To put it bluntly: If you don’t do a legal hold and preserve data properly, you are screwed. Spreadsheets and manual tracking are not reliable in today’s business environment for managing complex preservation tasks and processes. So we designed TotalDiscovery to provide a better, faster, cheaper way to ensure legal hold and preservation compliance. In fact, our clients routinely cite one or more of the following reasons for selecting our highly secure, legally defensible, easy-to-use software to protect their organizations.

  1. Easy to begin collecting defensibly – that is, no need to hire a vendor, call IT, discuss details at length and take time to get started – that was the state-of-affairs up till now in eDiscovery document and data collections. Using TotalDiscovery, users just begin a legally defensible collection immediately and can rest assured that the mechanics of the process and the resulting collection are defensible and can be proven in court.
  2. Puts the power of identifying and gathering relevant data in the hands of the attorneys – gives legal professionals early visibility into the universe of data and to the process which allows for better strategizing along legal issues and budgets.
  3. Removes much of the analog logistics currently associated with eDiscovery legal hold tracking and document collections.
  4. Leverages mature eDiscovery methods and tech so there are no worries about historical use by many others in the market – and while others are on V1 of the products, TotalDiscovery is on V10!
  5. Streaming eDiscovery – no more doing eDiscovery in fits-and-starts and no more waiting for data to finish getting collected or processed before insights may be had. TotalDiscovery streams its processes and reports on everything as it happens.
  6. Simplified pricing – clear, competitive and allows for predictability of legal discovery costs.
  7. Backed by Experts – the people behind the robots at TotalDiscovery are longtime professionals and experts in computer forensics, software development, information security and the law and have been working with AmLaw® firms and Fortune® 500 corps for the past 20 years.
  8. Cloud based technology so it is scalable, secure and stable – TotalDiscovery uses a redundant, scalable and secure utility IT infrastructure to provide our customers with great performance and comfort that their data is secure.
  9. Standard business benefits of SaaS – New features are added without extra licensing costs and the application is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Plus, there are no initial capital expenses while accessing unlimited scalability as needed and with no variable charges.
  10. Best way to manage left-side EDRM tasks – centralized management of all the activities related to ensuring legal holds and data preservation are performed appropriately to meet legal requirements without breaking the bank.

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Intelligent Preservation

Preserve and maintain only relevant user-created documents to ensure legal defensibility and lower IT storage costs.

Real-time Metrics

Gain insight early-on in a legal matter's lifecycle to better control legal strategy and costs.

Data Types & Catalogue

Preserve and collect hundreds of document types and catalog and index all associated metadata.

Control Data Flow

Ensure that only the right documents leave the organization under authorized circumstances.

Track Documents for Litigation

Guarantee consistency and prevent unnecessary duplicates for litigation document requests and productions.

Specialized eDiscovery Options

Nuanced configurations and reporting for eDiscovery and Regulatory Matters.

Many Data Sources

Connect to many different data sources and systems to preserve critical data.

Control Data Preservation

Collect forensic copies of documents, preserve data sources in-place and manage metadata at a legal standard.