Video: Collecting Data from Custodians

Today corporate legal and IT professionals find themselves having to gather information and data for preservation and discovery across many different data sources. At TotalDiscovery, we accommodate as many as we can, both on the corporate side and also on the individual side.

In this one-minute video above, Alon Israely, CEO of TotalDiscovery offers a quick overview of how TotalDiscovery’s Preservation Management dashboard helps you manage the defensible collection and preservation of data from resources both within and outside of the organization.

There are situations where corporations need to collect from a number of different systems that are not perfectly tuned to discovery from an enterprise perspective. Consider, for example, that you are tasked with gathering email and documents from a 100-member sales team dispersed throughout North America. You need to do this in a secure and legally defensible way. And you need to be quick.

In this example, all the sales reps are laptop users with email, local documents and several server sources. Normally, this data-gathering project would require complicated logistics planning and take weeks to complete. Using TotalDiscovery, you can manage the entire process via the web. It would take from several hours to a few days at most to complete.

Most legal and IT professionals go to standard enterprise sources to gather data. These sources include PCs, work stations, Macs, webmail, cloud storage, social media and a number of other different types of apps on the systems.

But there are situations where you have to go to systems outside of the enterprise. The nice thing about TotalDiscovery is that it conglomerates all of those into one. Regardless of whether you have custodians in the organization or outside of the organization, both can be touched and that data can be gathered though TotalDiscovery in the same manner.

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