Video: Getting Insight into Data Collections

At TotalDiscovery, we look at the overall business process—whether that’s preservation or discovery—in terms of how do you move as much information as quickly as possible and give insight on that information as early as possible to attorneys and other folks involved in the matter?

In this short video, Alon Israely, CEO of TotalDiscovery, illustrates the concept of streaming e-discovery. “We don’t use old batch mode,” Alon explains. In e-discovery, data typically moves in batches. Collection happens. Then a couple of days later that data is added to a processing system. That takes a few days as technicians work with the data. That data then gets searched, reviewed, exported and loaded into a tool for the attorneys to use. All of that is the batch mode of e-discovery.

“We’re changing that and making it more a streaming mode,” says Alon. TotalDiscovery links together all the different parts related to what happens inside of a corporation. Legal holds, questionnaires, collections, processing and export are all streamed together as one overall process.

When TotalDiscovery collects data, it’s also putting that data though a streaming mechanism to get more insight close to the collection. This video shows not just the collected data in real time, but also how TotalDiscovery’s expanding that out, processing it and doing all the steps you would expect to get the users to a legal standard search. This allows the user—at the time of collection—to see not only the data but also key collection statistics.

This gives users insight into a data collection 20–30 minutes after that collection begins. And that’s unique in the industry.

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Preserve and maintain only relevant user-created documents to ensure legal defensibility and lower IT storage costs.

Real-time Metrics

Gain insight early-on in a legal matter's lifecycle to better control legal strategy and costs.

Data Types & Catalogue

Preserve and collect hundreds of document types and catalog and index all associated metadata.

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