Video: Managing Multiple Legal Holds

If you’re a paralegal or attorney inside of an organization and you’re managing several different legal holds, it can be challenging to know exactly what’s going on in each hold. In this one-minute video, Alon Israely, CEO of TotalDiscovery, shows how our legal hold management dashboard makes it easy to manage multiple legal holds. Simply log in, navigate to the matter you’re working with, and you’ll immediately see the number of holds that you are managing. TotalDiscovery is unique in that you can have multiple holds on a particular matter. Once you go into a matter, a dashboard helps you see exactly what is going on. In this video example, there are three custodians. They’re all on hold. Some have acknowledged, some haven’t. An orange bar graph shows the quality of the holds. You can easily remind custodians of their obligation or escalate to their supervisors. Or, you can even go as far as responding for them if they call you verbally to acknowledge the hold. This is just a quick look at how you can use the TotalDiscovery’s initial dashboard to get more information and coordinate better with the custodians.

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