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How to Talk to Your IT Department about Legal Holds

Join TotalDiscovery co-founder Alon Israely and Catalyst CTO Larry Barela for this informative on-demand webinar. Moderated by legal technology author Bob Ambrogi.

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When a legal hold is required, IT plays a critical role, ensuring that the mechanics of collection and preservation happen correctly. But it can be difficult to bridge the gap between legal requirements and IT activities. While attorneys must supervise the process, your IT staff are the first responders who will execute key aspects of identifying custodians and data sources and gathering and preserving data. They need to understand the legal obligations involved to ensure defensibility and protect the enterprise.

This on-demand webinar is for anyone who is even remotely involved in litigation holds, collection and preservation. Our speakers will provide expert advice on working with your IT department to minimize the risk of spoliation and improve the efficiency and defensibility of legal holds.

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What IT needs to know about legal preservation and compliance
  • How to work with IT to establish a written plan to execute legal holds
  • The appropriate balance between custodian involvement and attorney supervision
  • The mechanics of defensible identification and collection
  • Tips on collecting data from enterprise systems and commonly overlooked sources

We’ll also address questions and concerns about Microsoft’s Office 365 Security & Compliance Center and its effectiveness as a tool for legal holds and collections.


Alon Israely| Co-Founder | TotalDiscovery
alon isr sm

A lawyer and data collection and preservation expert, Alon is a co-founder of New York-based legal services company, Business Intelligence Associates Inc., a legal technology consulting and solutions firm. In 2015, the company’s software and technology division, based in Seattle, was spun-out as its own company and Alon was tapped to lead it. TotalDiscovery provides a legal compliance platform to corporations, government and law firms.

Larry Barela | Chief Technology Officer | Catalyst
Larry Barela 300

A member of the leadership team since the launch of Catalyst 15 years ago, Larry is instrumental in shaping our award-winning technology. He is a key driver of innovations that enhance customer value and leads the integration of TotalDiscovery's software into the Catalyst discovery platform.

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